Fight against the virus with ZupaBilly 5 Minutes UV Sanitizer!

ZupaBilly 5 Minutes UV Sanitizer

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BACTERIA is at Everywhere. Everyday you come across many dirtiest things, Mobile, Powerbanks, Jewelry, Eye-glasses, Airpods, Pens, Keys, Make up brush, Baby toys, and more!  You can't wash your phone, but you can sanitize it with ZupaBilly 5 Minutes UV Sanitizer. It only takes 5 minutes for your phone to be free and clean of dangerous bacteria. It can also be used with other often used but seldom sanitized items!

  • Dual UV lamp – Disinfects up to 99.9% of bacteria at the DNA level
  • Rapid – Complete clean in 5-minutes 
  • Large Capacity - Fits all smartphones and most case sizes
  • Multi-Purpose - Sanitize your keys, jewelry, accessories at the same time
  • Environmentally Safe & Silent - No odor, chemicals or side effects 

How Dirty is your Phone?

Your phone is 18x dirtier and contains more harmful bacteria than a public toilet. We wash our hands but we never wash our smartphones. We forget whatever our hands touch we pass on to our phones which are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. We store our phones in warm places which helps the bacteria grow, and then transfer that bacteria to anything we touch - like food, our skin, or anyone we come in contact with.


No Liquid, No Heat, No Chemicals

ZupaBilly 5 Minutes UV Sanitizer uses UV-C technology to kill the germs and bacteria on the surface of your phone. It's safe to use but has a deadly effect on 99.9% of microorganisms such as pathogens, bacteria, and mold. With lightbulbs on both the top and the bottom, the ZupaBilly 5 Minutes UV Sanitizer achieves 360-degree disinfection, reaching tiny crevices that not even harmful liquids can. The unit will automatically shut off after 10 minutes, so you never have to worry about the device overheating.